Our Bags

Our bags are hand made within the town of Hoi An, on the Central Vietnamese coast. The craft work shop that produces the bags is family owned and we are the only exporter of their goods. They purchase the hides from a local tannery that has tanned leather in the area for as long as anyone can remember

Buffalo hide is thick and distinctive with an attractive pebbly pattern. The tight grain repels dirt easily and the leather has a good resistance to damage. Buffalo hide is more distinctive than cowhide, giving an earthy and rustic look. The hides are not stretched, meaning texture and grain are preserved. As the leather is tanned ‘naked’ it provides a natural and soft feel to touch

Hides vary with the individual animal, factors such as the time of year the hide was taken, the age of the animal as well as the sex of the animal can influence the final appearance

Many of our bags carry scars or brands, they are part of the ‘story’ of the hide